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Law, Morals And Everything In Between

Judicial law has, without a doubt, been a crucial aspect of human history since time immemorial. Intense discussions and debates have indeed paved a way to better

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Gender, Sexuality and Equality

Everyone has an identity. Everyone seeks to have a voice, to be treated with respect, and to be heard. But this doesn’t always go as per plan Privileges exist.

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The Environment

The year is 2020. We are facing an umpteen number of problems in our life. Economies are struggling. Income disparity is rising. And so are the temperatures.

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About us

We work under the Millennium Fellowship presented by The United Nations Academic Impact and MCN.
The fellowship is intended to make a social impact and we, The Millennium Laedan envisages achieving sustainable development goals.

We are The Millennium Laedan

Our Vision

  • We wish to be a positive influence and make a difference.
  • We wish to work for a social cause.
  • We do it for India, our nation. And we do it for everyone else, who wants reform.

The Millennium Laedan is an organization by the youth and, for the youth. We bring the youth together. We talk about things that need to be heard, and create awareness.

We create a platform where young India is heard. We discuss. We debate. We make a change.